Buddy time


Today we went to library and read to our buddies we had to get a book or to that would interest them we all had a great time and then we had recess with them too we had a great day


Top 5 Holiday fun

These are my top 5 list of things I did on the holiday……………

5-sitting in the car for 3 long hours

4-cleaning my room

3-getting slobbered by a dog

2-starting my new painting

1- touring around my dads work

Year 5 camp!!!

This year we have a anglesea camp for grade 5’s. We will be staying 2 night and going for three day’s. We are going will be learning different but  importing skills. This year at camp is going to be a cool experiences.


In reading I learnt paraphrasing, summarising and GKR. My reading voice has improved and my self correcting has become better.

In writing I have become better at spelling different words and my handwriting has also become neater.

In math I have learnt different strategies also different ways to learn or answer sums.

Socially I have made new friends and met new people. This year I have made great progress and had the best time doing it.

Mr Bush has helped me in different ways I’d like to say its been the best learning year ever.